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Karina and Roberta

We are passionate and dreamers. But we also have to get our hands dirty and get dreams off the ground. That is how we created LUFT shoes, a company that develops footwear for children with a greater purpose: to bring comfort and ensure a light and healthy childhood, focused on playing. Inspired by our children's steps, we develop products connected to the world we want: more quality time and less haste; more contact with nature and freedom to play; less consumption and more awareness.

Creating new products with environmental and social awareness is not an easy task, because we know that when developing any new product, we become part of the problem. Our ongoing commitment is to seek balance and authenticity in all the decisions we make at LUFT. From the choice of materials, suppliers to packaging. Our goal is - and always will be - to create a positive impact with transparency.

 We are Roberta (mother of Isadora and Luca) and Karina (mother of Bento and Tom). We have known each other for 15 years and have been business partners for 5 years in an events and brand experiences agencies that works in Brazil and worldwide. In 2018 we were selected for the MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp program which reinforced the purpose that we can and must do more to contribute to a better world.

 Our goal - and what makes us embark on this madness in the middle of the pandemic - is our permanent drive to create a positive impact.



LUFT shoes


LUFT shoes was created for flying feet.

Feet that connect to the earth, but are not stuck on the ground.

We believe that the best we can do is to walk alongside the children without haste. In a world where questions are more important than answers, where mistakes are an attempt to get right.

Where there is freedom in dressing and thinking. Where the shoe is just what it should be: an acessory. In the definition of the word, accessory is something secondary, dispensable, that supports what is essential. And the essential is playing. Always, no matter what age.

This is the spirit of our time and the belief of our brand: original for real life.





We carefully research each material we use at LUFT and new ways to create, make and transform what we generate. Our shoes are all handmade.

From the choice of materials, the manufacturing process, packaging and disposal.

We seek to work with natural, recycled or recyclable materials made up of:

- Recycled PET bottles and yarns.

- Residues generated in the footwear manufacturing process and plastic waste from the selective collection of families. Electric energy from renewable sources during its production.

- Adhesive and glue based on renewable sugar cane resin and water based.

- 40% recycled synthetic rubber.

Our packaging is recycled.

We know that when creating a product, we have an impact on the world and we feel responsible for each product. We are not perfect. But we are 100% committed to trying as hard as possible, every day, to reduce our impact on nature and human health with what is within our reach.

If you have any suggestions for any material or method that can improve our processes and products, we want to hear from you. Send an email to